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Are you as savvy with your energy bills energy bills as you are with your finance?

Are you as savvy with your energy bills as you are with...

5 June, 2019

It’s clear that the savviest investors are the ones who are proactive in managing their cash flow. But these serious investors don’t only rely on themselves to reduce their outgoings. That is, there are sites which specialise in comparing and...

successful investor tips

What are successful investors doing in 2019?

29 March, 2019

  We recently spoke with 10 investors with portfolios of 5 or more properties to explore what successful investors are doing during 2019 to move ahead with their investing journey. See below our top 5. 1. Managing their personal cash...


Where might the buying opportunities lie in 2019?

29 November, 2018

1] Buying at the bottom of the cycle in Sydney With the Sydney market currently in the downward stage of the cycle, many experts are tipping for the market to reach bottom by around mid 2019. With a good proportion...


Property Trusts

19 October, 2018

They are the key questions we hear all the time at Property Market Investor. How can you: 🏠 Supplement your cashflow? 🏠 Access an opportunity for capital growth? 🏠 Diversify your portfolio? For many investors, direct commercial property ownership and its potential for cashflow generation...


Did you know there are many types or interest rates?

30 August, 2018

For your next application, you will be aware of the proposed loan interest, generally called the SVR. Standard Variable Rates (SVR) are driven by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cash rate. The bank's profit is the gap between the...


What to do before you apply

31 August, 2018

There are a few admin ideas that are good Get all your tax returns done prior to apply - often banks will want to see these Check your credit card expenses/statements - make sure you note and big 'one-off' spends,...


The most common issues with loan applications

30 August, 2018

The most common issue we see is an inaccurate assessment of your living costs. Inaccurate reporting of your living expenses can very easily overestimate or underestimate your borrowing power. Here are some tips to help you Make it very clear...


How do banks calculate your expenses?

30 August, 2018

14th July 2019 Over the last few years, the assessment of expenses continues to become more difficult. It's not uncommon for lenders to comb through bank statements in order to carefully assess your available funds. If you are applying for...


What is Net Income Surplus – and why it changes your ability...

30 August, 2018

Net income Surplus (NIS) - Can you get a loan? We've covered this briefly - however, these are the basics Lenders, banks or a broker will complete the following steps Step 1 1️⃣ aggregating all sources of income (including rent on...


Want to know if you can get that loan?

21 August, 2018

Serviceability - The Absolute easiest free guide What is it: The core factor if you get finance or not. If you can ‘service' a loan = if you can pay loan payments Why is it important: In the last 5...


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