Are you as savvy with your energy bills as you are with your finance?

It’s clear that the savviest investors are the ones who are proactive in managing their cash flow. But these serious investors don’t only rely on themselves to reduce their outgoings. That is, there are sites which specialise in comparing and reducing household expenses. Successful investors are increasingly using these sites to compare their electricity and gas expenses. Now, with the bank’s crackdown on serviceability and other less than favourable market forces, it is important to keep these costs low to be approved for finance! So, if you’re a savvy investor wouldn’t you like to know how you can be savvy with your household bills?

About Billy Sumo

To compare gas and electric suppliers can be a stressful and time-consuming process, so sites like Billy Sumo can be helpful for busy consumers. So who, or what, is  Billy Sumo? Billy was born in late 2017 with the aim to help Aussies reduce their living costs and have them be in a better financial position. Through research and analysis, the Billy Sumo team found household expenses like electricity and gas continue to be, disproportionately high contributors to a consumer’s living costs. But that doesn’t have to be the case – consumers can compare using Billy Sumo, setting themselves up for considerable savings.

Billy Sumo compares gas and electricity prices among some of the biggest energy providers au. For more information on these providers’ energy deals, completing the quick and simple energy compare sign-up form will allow you to see deals tailored to your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Stop paying over the odds for gas and electricity bills, and start SAVING today!

How Billy Sumo has helped others?

In doing so, you will join the savvy savers club of over 60,000 Aussies like Phil from Cooma, NSW. Phil used Billy Sumo to review his current deals and so, he saved BIG on his bills. Here is what Phil had to say: “The Billy Sumo sign-up process was really easy and it has made a significant difference to our monthly outgoings. I was surprised to see how much money I had saved on my monthly bills as I didn’t think that there could be much variance, in what we pay, between companies. I highly recommend Billy Sumo.”

If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons why savvy property investors and homeowners should also be savvy with their electricity bills.

1. The upfront expense of getting your electricity connected

Budgeting is important for those moving into a new home as you’ll need to consider the upfront expense of getting electricity connected. With so much happening when you move in, it’s best to be prepared on the best deals in your vicinity. By doing so, it’ll save you the hassle down the track, so you can to focus on the other important things involved with the move.

2. Rising electricity prices

Electricity prices have continued to rise in Australia, and many people are struggling with these high prices. This is especially the case for property investors and homeowners as there is financial pressure that comes from taking out a mortgage to purchase and invest in a property. To help ease the pressure and keep electricity expenses under control, let Billy Sumo help you!

3. When moving out – an opportunity to switch

When moving out of your home or investing in a new property, instead of choosing the same energy retailer you have always gone with, this is an opportunity for you to find a better deal. Here, Billy Sumo can be useful for helping you compare the benefits and drawbacks of retailers’ energy deals before you make the switch.

4. Recent bank crackdown on serviceability

Banks have made changes to minimum living expenses to ensure it accurately reflects the customer’s financial position. Hence, with the banks applying tighter lending criteria, now is the time for investors to consolidate their expenses which includes electricity. In doing so, it may help to improve their mortgage eligibility.  

These reasons reinforce why it is important to get the best energy deal, as it may place you in a better financial position. Don’t fall victim to sticking to an electricity rate which is higher than the cheapest on the market and, complete your energy comparison today!

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