5 Easy Ways to Protect your property this holidays!

More than 250,000 Aussie families were impacted by a home burglary in 2015-2016, so before you head away this Christmas holidays, be sure to take the 5 easy steps to protect your home and your valuables.

Tell a neighbour.

You may not have had your neighbours over for a BBQ this year but there is something to be said about the old neighbourhood watch. You shouldn’t feel like you are putting out your neighbours by asking them to keep an eye on your property, because chances are they will be thrilled you will reciprocate the favour when they head away. Small things like collecting your post or bringing in the bins, so it doesn’t look like you are away, can easily be rewarded by the beer economy – a 6 pack should do the trick.

Install deadlocks

Deadlocks present yet another hurdle for burglars to get through and if there is one thing in common with burglars it is their laziness. After all if they were not lazy, they would be working…instead of trying to burgle your home. Whilst not exactly 100% uncrackable it certainly will lead them on to someone else’s property that doesn’t have deadlocks.

Use an App based Monitoring system

“App-based security solutions give homeowners the ability to see and hear what is

happening in their home, in real time,” says Director of Marketing at Cammy, Louise Moule.

Using technology like Cammy, you can monitor your home from your smartphone, or even alert police immediately of intruders….even when you are abroad sipping on Pina Coladas.

Social Sensibility

We are in the age of oversharing EVERYTHING….we’re checking in and checking out…we’re flying…we’re posting. STOP!! And then once you are back then you can brag to all your friends about where you have BEEN, as opposed to where you are GOING and when your house will be empty and unattended.

Lights, Light and More Lights

Now, we’re are not talking “Sparky” style from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation but simply incorporate sensor lights on the outside of your property and a timer to turn on a light in a living area inside. For the lazy burglar, it will take far too much time to scope out a property to determine whether it really is a timer or if you are home, they’ll simply move on to your neighbour who is supposed to be keeping an eye on YOUR property!


Crime Stoppers is advising homeowners that all it takes is a few simple steps to better secure their home this holiday season. When it comes to break-ins, personal safety is the biggest concern for Australians with 59% worried about the safety of their family if an intruder broke-in.


By incorporating at least a few of these steps you will reduce the risk of coming home to an empty house. Enjoy the holidays and come back to a secure property.

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